Dear Mr. Ohev Zion,

We wish to inform you that the agent Yardena Shenk from your office has succeeded in closing the sale of our apartment in Ramat Beit Hakerem. We want to take this opportunity to thank her and show our gratitude for her efforts, the creativity, and the wisdom displayed by her during the process, all of which enabled the closing of the sale.

The sale was difficult due in part to the “uniqueness” of the property. Another problem arose with the buyer who lacked a certain sum in order to close the deal. Yardena came up with a solution involving renting out the sold property for a certain time period. All this made sure the deal was in fact sealed.

Again, at this point, we wish to thank Yardena for all she has done for us. We admire her wisdom, patience, and creativity – all of which guided her actions and made for a successful ending.



Hadassah and Israel R.

Dear Shai,

Thank you for helping us find our new home in Arnona.

You accompanied us throughout the whole process without fail and took the time to keep us in the loop and update us without any pressure on your part. You made sure the whole negotiation stage went smoothly in a very efficient manner.

Lots of luck to you in the future,

Tehila and Israel B.

Dear Tomer – Owner of Century 21 Jerusalem,

We wish to express our gratitude for the professionalism displayed by the real estate broker Yardena Shenk who assisted us with the purchase of our apartment on Beit Hakerem Street.

Thanks to Yardena’s service-oriented and empathetic approach during the period she accompanied us, we felt like we were in excellent professional hands, and our interests as buyers were represented in an optimal way as if she was purchasing the property for herself or for a loved one.

Yardena did not give up hope even during crisis situations that developed while dealing with the sellers while constantly displaying creativity. Using her smile and calming manner, she always managed to make us feel reassured that everything would turn out okay in the end…which is exactly what happened.

In our opinion, your agency has been blessed with a professional worker, capable and hard-working, one which any organization should be lucky to employ.

With gratitude,


Mina and Yoram S.

Dear Mr. Tomer Ohev Zion,

Mrs. Yardena Shenk acted as a broker in two real estate transactions during the past few months – the sale of our apartment on Shimoni Street in Jerusalem as well as the purchase of a new apartment on Gelber Street in Jerusalem.

Throughout the process, Yardena displayed a high level of professionalism, decisiveness, and ambition alongside her pleasantness and agreeability. Yardena was available at all hours to answer questions (sometimes at unconventional hours of the day) and always gave a timely and business-like response. We were under the impression that Yardena is very knowledgeable in the local real estate market and her advice helped us a great deal.

We hold the opinion that the broker sometimes acts as the representative of the owners/buyers and we feel as though Yardena does in fact represent her clients with loyalty and devotion.

Kind regards,


Lior O. and Eran A.

Dear Tomer,

We wanted to thank you for introducing us to Yardena Shenk. She is an amazing, professional, and kind woman that knows how to read the situation well. We knew what we were looking for, but didn’t really know… Yardena made a tremendous effort to show us a vast amount of locations that might interest us according to the budget.

We wish you, Yardena, and the rest of the team great success in matching people with their new homes, as Yardena’s sense of mission was well demonstrated.

Ronen and Sally R.

Dear Tomer,

I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you for accepting the Rejina R. referral and your diligence with the customer – hopefully, something will come of it! Additionally, we hope to be able to continue to work with you in the future, here’s to many, many referrals in our future!

All the very best,


Lorraine L., New York

Dear Shai,

We truly feel as though we made the right deal for us and for our children. The process was quick and pleasant with some help from above as well as your patience and assistance.

Thank you to you and the team!

We shall think of you fondly always.



Meir and Erika H.

Hello Shai,

Following the sale of our apartment in Arnona neighborhood, I wish to express my apreciation for the way you handled the transaction.

You accompanied us step by step, from bringing the clients to the property till the signing of the contract, while displaying your expertise, professionalism and courtesy.

We are glad to have met you and receive excellent service from you.

Good luck in your future endeavours.


Yoel M.

Dear Shai,

Months have passed from our apartment search, and I have finally dound the time to express my gratitude for your help in finding what (will be!) the perfect apartment.

As an ola hadasha, I heard several horror stories about realtors in Israel, and felt vulnerable abou the process of purchasing my first home. I was very pleasantly surprised by hoe seamless it was to work with you. You were a perfect balance of friendly and professional, and I trusted your opinion greatly as I finalized my options.

Additionally, as a disabled woman, I needed your accomodations for my long-term comfort. Even though Jerusalem is built out of stairs, you managed to find several interesting properties that met my needs and didn’t show me properties that wouldn’t work. Your understanding nature and patience were especially meaningful regarding this issue.

Your calm nature and friendliness paired with your knowledge of Jerusalem and its real estate market ultimately made for the most pleasant experience of an exciting and stressful event in a person’s life. I am very grateful, and wish you the best!

If I have other real estate needs, I will be sure to give you a call!!!

Many Thanks,


Jordan H.

Dear potential buyer or seller,

“About Yardena Shenk – a gifted professional broker”

Six months ago I was searching for an apartment for my son. During a period of many months I experienced fruitless meetings with different real estate agents.

Until I met Yardena.

Displaying the skill set of a seasoned psychologist, she figured out the “type” of the apartment which would be suitable to our son and only showed us those that suited his taste as well as his pocket. The third apartment we saw was the charm and thanks to Yardena, a friendly relationship soon developed with the owner. In the stage where the lawyers got involved, the deal was headed for failure due to several issues. Yardena showed initiative, stepped in and came up with a solution to the problem which arose.

To make a long story short, my son and his girlfriend currently reside in the apartment and are very content.

We met a person who displays emotional intelligence, professionalism and lots of credibility and care.

I am convinced that her skills will continue to assist other clients who wish to sell or buy a home.

With much appreciation,

Shlomit C.

“A grateful Australian”

My gratitude to Yardena Shenk – Century 21, HaKeren HaKaymemet, Jerusalem – is beyond words.

Highly professional – an agent who is honest, reliable and diligent. Most importantly she listens to her clients.

Yardena found me an apartment in central Jerusalem, a difficult task as I had a limited budget. It meets all my requirements: light, bright, in a great location, including nearby public transport, shops, restaurants and Synagogues.

Post purchase, some 12 months later, she gave me all her help and time in organising reliable workmen to carry out renovations and ran around with me to help find items needed, acting as my driver/translator and interior decorator.

I have no reservations in reccomending her to anyone contemplating property purchase or rentals in Jerusalem.


Adele A., Sydney, Australia

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